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Spring 2021
Vintage Camera Black and White Shoot Out

Using vintage cameras from the Camera Museum collection, You will have 6 hours to expose one roll of 36exp Black and White film inside the city limits of McDonough, Ga.   A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner will be selected and prizes of cash and gift baskets will be awarded.
An entry fee of $50 is required to participate.
It works like this:
1 - You will be loaned a vintage camera from the collection loaded with 1 roll of 400 ISO film and shown how to use it.
2 - You expose the roll while touring the town on your own.
3 - Return film and camera to museum by 4pm and stay for cookout and photo storytelling around the campfire.
4 -  The Museum will handle all film developing and printing of selected images to hang at show and in local restaurants a few weeks later.
5 - Judging and prizes will awarded the night of the show opening.
The date and list of prizes will be announced soon. 
To be informed about this event, join our e mail list on the Home Page
 (A cash deposit of $100.00 will be required for loaner cameras and you must have a valid ID. Deposits will be returned when you turn your camera and film in at the museum.)

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