Beginner Digital Photography  Part 1            

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 Tuesday Evenings at The Image Doctor's Camera Museum

 July- 7,14,21, and 28 -2020 from 7-9pm.

All Classes held at 

The Camera Museum 369 Macon Street  McDonough, Ga 30253


It will not be dark until 9pm so there will be lots of hands on outdoor shooting with your camera !

Below is what will be covered each night.

There are photo gear door prizes too! 

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1st Night- July 7, -2020
Camera Basic Functions. Setting ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture and exploring the light meter on YOUR camera. 
What is ISO
What is White Balance
File Size and Quality- How to set and why
Camera Care and Cleaning
Camera Auto Exposure Modes Explained
Composition- Rule of Thirds Explained

2nd Night - July 14, -2020
What is Aperture
The Two jobs that the Aperture controls
Proper Exposure Explained
Memory Cards and Downloading to your Computer

3rd Night - July 21, -2020
What is Shutter Speed
Proper Exposure Explained
Different Lenses- Explained and Demonstrated
Camera Accessories- What to Buy, What is a Waste of Money

4th Night -July 28, -2020
Using Manual Mode
How to use your Camera’s Light Meter
Light Modification-Using Reflectors and Diffusers
Using Your Flash in Many Different Ways

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