Beginner Digital Photography  Part 1            

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 Tuesday Evenings at The Image Doctor's Camera Museum

 July- 7,14,21, and 28 -2020 from 7-9pm.

All Classes held at 

The Camera Museum 369 Macon Street  McDonough, Ga 30253


It will not be dark until 8:30pm so there will be lots of hands on outdoor shooting with your camera !  This class will also be limited to just 8 students to insure social distancing can be maintained.

Below is what will be covered each night.

There are photo gear door prizes too! 

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1st Night- July 7, -2020
Camera Basic Functions. Setting ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture and exploring the light meter on YOUR camera. 
What is ISO
What is White Balance
File Size and Quality- How to set and why
Camera Care and Cleaning
Camera Auto Exposure Modes Explained
Composition- Rule of Thirds Explained

2nd Night - July 14, -2020
What is Aperture
The Two jobs that the Aperture controls
Proper Exposure Explained
Memory Cards and Downloading to your Computer

3rd Night - July 21, -2020
What is Shutter Speed
Proper Exposure Explained
Different Lenses- Explained and Demonstrated
Camera Accessories- What to Buy, What is a Waste of Money

4th Night -July 28, -2020
Using Manual Mode
How to use your Camera’s Light Meter
Light Modification-Using Reflectors and Diffusers
Using Your Flash in Many Different Ways

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